JBone Motorworks

"put some bark in your bike"

Head Mod (125cc-300cc) - $99

Please specify octane requirements. Modified for race or pump gas per your request and different power band configurations as well.  More info is selected on the service order form.

Cylinder Porting & head mod

(125-144-150-200cc) - $289

(250-300cc) - $299

Porting, texturing, polishing, and epoxy work. All areas of the cylinder design are improved to suit your individual needs.

Case Porting + epoxy work (Cases already apart) - $125

Cases are flow ported and/or epoxy is used to improve flow from cases and up through ports of cylinder.

Labor to split and reassemble cases (Parts Not Included) - $325

Lower end of engine is disassembled, inspected, and reassembled. If new parts are needed, you will be able to choose from a variety of part sources (aftermarket or OEM).


Crank rebuilds- $179

includes ProX rod rebuild kit with pin bearing

Cylinder re-plate $225- 

(power valves and studs already removed.  If not, a $25 flat fee is applied to the order.)


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Please download and fill out the service form and send it in with your engine.