JBone Motorworks

"put some bark in your bike"

Here are some FAQ's and the answers,,,,

"will I need to re-jet my bike after it has been modified?"

Answer- yes, ICE's are inefficient by design and once modified for improved performance will require you to re-jet.  You engine will run better and more efficient so in most cases it will require more fuel.

"do I need to run race gas if I have my engine modified?"

Answer- It is up to you, we can modify the head to either be pump gas friendly or to run a race gas.  The fuel you get at the pump now has ethanol in it, which is BAD for ICE's...we recommend a blend of 93/race to help keep the ethanol at bay and to keep your engine running cooler, longer and better!   We are the North East Distributor for Renegade Race Fuel, so we highly recommend this line of fuels for your needs.

"what are the benefits of having my engine modified?"

Answer- it's simple,,,long winded, but simple.  When bike mfg produce large amounts of engines, they have many factors to keep in mind.  The main one is money, and the other is factoring in how wide of a range they can make the motor usable, to the widest range of riders.  

The cost analysis method is the company being able to pump out cyl and heads as fast and inexpensive as possible.  Production tolerances are factored in and the parts are finished.  Some of them come out amazing and on time, some not so amazing but on time.  This is where tuners are able to pick up where the factories left off.  The finishing details, the time consuming process of matching all the parts so they fit together perfectly and the way they were intended to be finished, but were not able to do so because of time constraints.

The other factor is the range of power to be made that will suit the widest range of riders.  If they make a peaky power band type of engine, only a few riders will be able to ride it that way, this will equate into less sales.  They need to tailor the power to attract the most amount riders, this equates to the most amount of sales.  Think of a sandwich shop that only makes ham and cheese sandwiches.  Their opportunity to sell them is limited due to preference.   If the same shop makes all types, you open your market to a wider audience and have more opportunities to sell more.